Man loses hand over sim card

By Staff reporter | 19 Mar 2020 at 18:04hrs
A CHIPINGE man had his arm chopped off with a machete last Saturday evening in a fight over a sim card.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Tavhiringwa Kakohwa confirmed the incident.

Boniface Ziaphela, 34, lost his arm after it was allegedly cut off by Moffat Sithole, 33, who was part of a four-man gang now facing attempted murder charges.

Ziaphela was drinking beer with Moffat at D'Plaza Bar when a misunderstanding arose over a sim card.

Moffat had asked to use Ziaphela's phone to purchase beer after his had run out of power. After buying beer, Sithole returned Ziaphela's phone.

Ziaphela, however later came back claiming that he had forgotten his sim card. Sithole denied having the sim card, resulting in a heated argument.

Moffat stormed out of the bar and returned armed with a machete accompanied by three other suspects - Lukestone Sithole and two others who were only identified as Muneru and Dingaswayo.

The four dragged Ziaphela out of the bar and started assaulting him. Moffat struck Ziaphela on his right hand with a machete, severing it. The four fled the scene and disappeared into the dark, leaving Ziaphela bleeding profusely. A report was made at Chipinge Police Station where a machete was recovered. Police managed to arrest two of the accused persons – Moffat and Lukestone.

"Should conflicts, arise people should always find a way to resolve their differences amicably to avoid loss of life," said Kakohwa.



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