Dandemutande grows in leaps and bounds

By Staff reporter | 17 Mar 2020 at 14:39hrs
Dandemutande Chief Executive Officer Never Ncube
Harare based Internet Access Provider, Dandemutande has managed to grow in leaps and bounds over the years to position itself as one of the country's leading internet service providers.

Established in 1997, the company, a subsidiary of Masawara Inc. became the first independent internet service provider in the country.

Since the establishment of the data center to date, the company has been providing ICT solutions, enabling businesses to connect.

Though not very popular to the mass market, the market had been strongly driving its Internet services to huge corporates as the main or backup gateway, while admittedly it has been shying off the consumer market.

The telecommunications company has been pushing its service silently making it the third-largest internet provider in the country, according to POTRAZ reports after Liquid and TelOne.

Addressing the media on Friday during the data center tour, Dandemutande Chief Executive Officer Never Ncube said that they have survived these times mainly by getting continuous support from their old clients who have been loyal to the brand.

Dandemutande is also the company behind Utande, the Internet Service Provider and also the ones that acquired MWeb and its vast clientele base.

"Indeed Dandemutande has become a force to reckon with, we have become the home of innovation and act solutions, he said.

Ncube added that they understand the fourth revolution and how it works.

"We understand technology, we understand how the fourth revolution transforms the economy of a country."

"There is no doubt that the 4th Industrial Revolution is transforming the way we do business in every sense."

" Our mandate as an organization is to ensure that organizations and individuals dominate and disrupt the markets in which they operate," he said.



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