Nurse applicants cry foul over scandal infested online applications

By Staff reporter | 10 Mar 2020 at 09:35hrs
Nurse applicants are appealing to the police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to investigate more on the nursing applications which seem to have been infected by corruption.

Reports have it that, those that are applying for nursing are already receiving messages from authorities offering to help in the selections even before the deadline has arrived posing the one question, when will corruption end in Zimbabwe? Are people ever going to find jobs the correct way in Zimbabwe?

Discent Bajila, Information Officer (International Affairs) at National Youth Development Trust, yesterday tweeted showing responses to the nursing applicants by the nursing authorities offering to help.

"This text was received on 4 March. Before the 13 March deadline arrives, someone already has phone numbers of applicants and is texting them offering to help. It's clear now, shortlisting is not done by computers." he said.



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