iOS 13 adoption reaches 77% - Far ahead of Android 10

By Staff reporter | 05 Mar 2020 at 13:41hrs
Apple has revealed that a massive number of its devices are running its latest mobile operating system – iOS 13.

The figures were noted in the company's updated App Store review guidelines, which were published on Wednesday.

Apple said that 77% of all its devices sold in the last four years are using iOS 13, while 79% of iPads are running iPadOS 13.

These numbers are particularly impressive given the fact that both operating systems were only launched in September 2019.

Advertising and other changes

The revised guidelines included several changes with regards to allowed app functions and features.

Apple now permits marketing to iPhone and iPad users via push notifications. Users will have to explicitly opt in to receive the ads, however, and they must be provided with an option to opt out.

Additionally, the company has placed a total ban on apps that assist users in committing or attempting to commit crimes by evading police. This ban was previously only imposed on apps that were used to track DUI checkpoints.

A new section has been added which provides guidelines to developers for App store reviews and instructs them to "treat customers with respect when responding" to their comments.

Apple has also made it compulsory for all apps submitted from 30 April to be developed with the iOS 13 SDK.

Android 10 slow rollout

Comparatively speaking, Google's latest mobile OS – Android 10 – has seen extremely slow adoption.

According to NetMarketShare, only 9.98% of Android devices are using the latest OS version, while Android 9.0 still enjoys a 36.15% adoption rate.

This is largely thanks to the fact that the many smartphone manufacturers – such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, and Nokia – which make use of Android on their devices, layer their own interfaces on top of the OS.

Developing fully-compatible versions for a wider range of vastly different smartphones takes longer.

Of all the smartphones that use Android, only a select few currently support Android 10. These include Google's Pixel smartphones, Samsung's Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Note 10 devices, and the Motorola Razr.

Apple, meanwhile, rolled out iOS 13 to every iPhone model from the iPhone 6S, while iPadOS 13 is available on every iPad from the first generation of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model.



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