ICT Ministry running without a Chief Director

By Staff reporter | 02 Mar 2020 at 14:38hrs
The ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services has been running without a principal director (PD) or Chief director for a very long time now, since the retirement of Cosmas Chigwamba in September 2019.

The ministry has not had a substantive principal director nor appointed an acting one, which creates a hole in the ministry.

The public service commission must have appointed permanent personnel to this post by now or at least the ministry must have had someone in acting capacity to have a smooth flow of the office.

This post is very key for all government ministries as the 2nd in command accounting officer after the permanent Secretary.

The post is a non-political one, that must be run by a professional to ensure the smooth floor of every ministry.

The principal director of any government ministry oversees all arms of the ministry and usually works with various directors below him from the ministry.

Ministry of ICT has 4 directors who are directors Directory policy, monitoring and evaluation, director finance, director legal, director infrastructure development, and management and director ICT services.

Also of concern is the fact that director infrastructure is there on acting deputy director while on the same note he is the acting Director.

The chief director post for an ICT Ministry of more of an oversight role of all the technical issues the ministry does and needs proper technical people to move it smoothly.

Over 2/3 of the ministry are technical yet the other is just support services and the core focus of the ministry remains purely technical.

Not appointing such a person is a clear corporate governance violation unless the ministry is stating that such an office is not important and all other ministries may operate without appointing them.

This would be a very interesting leaf to take as many people have already questioned the need of having deputy ministers who do not have the capacity to act as ministers in the absence of their superior but rather can only represent.



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