Sasai bundles cheaper than Whatsapp bundles

By Staff reporter | 26 Feb 2020 at 15:44hrs
Sasai is a complete mobile communication tool made by Cassava Fintech International, but with world standards. The App will be launched on the 1st of August last year and it's now available for download on Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Sasai presents a multipurpose smartphone application, going beyond the features offered by its counterpart WhatsApp, Telegram and the like. Sasai integrates a variety of services such as messaging, socialization and mobile payment services, and steadily expands its functionality by integrating new services scheduled monthly, which will include queued additional features and on-boarded partners.

The introduction of Sasai bundles saw people accessing the app at very cheap rates and it has become even cheaper with the introduction of half price for Sasai bundles to those of WhatsApp.

The promotion comes at a time Zimbabweans are facing economic challenges.

A good number of people who use Sasai bundles are enjoying quite a number of packages that come with it such as your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, you can get 220 MB for Sasai bundles at $18.

Cassava Fintech International is an African Fintech and technology company. It is a subsidiary of the Econet Group and it is the parent company of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, which is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.



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