WhatsApp dark mode coming to desktop

By Staff reporter | 26 Feb 2020 at 15:41hrs
WhatsApp is working on expanding its dark theme roll-out to other platforms, WABetaInfo reports.

The messaging app is reportedly working on launching a dark theme for its dedicated desktop app as well as its web-based platform.

WhatsApp's dark theme for desktop is still under development and some features – such as emojis – have not been adapted to the new theme yet, but the home, chat, and settings screens all have dark interfaces.

The dark theme is not currently accessible, but it should be available through the navigation bar or settings menu once implemented, the report stated.
Mobile dark theme

This follows reports that WhatsApp released a dark theme for its Android beta build, which it is continuing to improve with new colour options.

WhatsApp enabled the Dark Theme in the 2.20.13 beta and has been tweaking the available option in subsequent updates.

The colour options in the latest Android WhatsApp build are black, dark brown, dark navy, dark olive, dark purple, and dark velvet.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on two new dark themes for iOS, following the release of a single dark mode in September 2019.

One dark theme configuration uses deep black colours for the backgrounds of tables and cells. The second option uses slightly lighter shades, resulting in a grey tone.

Compatibility update

Alongside these new features, WhatsApp has also updated its device compatibility list, stating that it will no longer support devices running operating systems older than Android 2.3.7 and iOS 8.

Smartphone users running these operating systems will have to update to later versions of their OS to continue using the app or get a new device if no further updates are available for their smartphone.

The company said this change was made to protect users, as these legacy operating systems are no longer served with essential security updates which help protect user data.



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