Daily News scraps Paywall

By Staff reporter | 18 Feb 2020 at 22:36hrs
Daily News
Publications in Zimbabwe and abroad are trying to find ways to survive as ad revenues nose-dive. DailyNews has made a major U-turn by scrapping its paywall and offering most of its website content for free.

Many online newspapers have tried various ways to monetize online content, with many turning to paywalls as a new source of income. Now, because everyone with a connection can get their news online, the excess of information meant that publishers found it harder to maintain any kind of competitive advantage.

It is understood that Associated Newspapers Group, which also publishes the and dailynews, has taken the decision to compete against major rivals in the free advertising market such as herald.

Associated Newspapers Group made the decision to put dailynews, behind a paywall in 2018.

The national newspaper market has seen unprecedented falls in print advertising last year, an issue compounded by a worrying slowing of growth in digital advertising revenues.

The other Associated Newspapers Group newspaper the Fingaz is still under a paywall. And according to a source close to the development the Fingaz website has actually increased in page views since the introduction of the paywall in 2018.

Fingaz now has introduced a dollar amount to read. Check below table.



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