DStv Premium - From R306 in 2000 to R819 in 2020

By Staff Writer | 17 Feb 2020 at 22:01hrs
MultiChoice has announced its annual price adjustments for DStv which will come into effect in on 1 April 2020 and include a price hike for DStv Premium subscribers.

Last year MultiChoice elected not to increase the monthly subscription of DStv Premium because of declining subscriber numbers.

This year, however, MultiChoice decided to increase DStv Prices again despite a tough economic environment and increased pressure from Netflix.

DStv Premium subscribers will receive a R10.00 (1.24%) price increase, Compact Plus subscribers will also receive a R10.00 (1.93%) hike, and there will be no increase for Compact subscribers.

MultiChoice South Africa CEO Mark Rayner said they want to continue making DStv affordable and accessible to as many South Africans as possible.

He added that DStv provides the best local and international content to South Africans, including The Bachelor South Africa and Deon Meyer's Trackers.
Sport keeping DStv Premium subscribers hooked

DStv Premium is multiple times more expensive than Netflix, which gives users excellent on-demand entertainment with movies, TV series, and documentaries.

The biggest value proposition of DStv is, not movies, TV series, or documentaries, however – it is sport.

SuperSport offers DStv subscribers excellent live coverage of the most prominent sporting events across rugby, cricket, soccer, netball, boxing, and tennis.

While DStv is widely seen as a luxury which can be cancelled during hard times, the reality is that many sports fans see it as a necessity to watch their favourite team play live.

Supersport has exclusive broadcasting rights for many popular sporting events, including Super Rugby, the Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League.

If you want to watch all these matches live from your home, you only have one legal choice – subscribe to DStv Premium.

This makes DStv Premium very attractive to sport-loving South Africans, which is why MultiChoice can continue to increase prices.



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