Some degrees to become obsolete

By Staff reporter | 15 Feb 2020 at 16:49hrs
THE Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Amon Murirwa has reiterated on the shelving some of the degrees offered by the country's learning institutions.

Speaking during the presentation of the Education 5.0 model to the portfolio committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development on Education 5.0 in Harare yesterday, Prof Murwira said there were programs that were going to fall.

"As we move forward in the modernisation and industrialisation of our country, there are certain things what we will continue doing and some we will stop doing.

"Programs are going to fall and some rise.

"That is what is going to happen, just watch the space.

"You don't have to mention that such a degree is useless, it will disappear.

"You will realize on your own that this program I am doing is now obsolete and you will look for the right one.

"We have reached a stage of paper hunting spree where people are doing flowery degrees with spiced names.

"We now want skills and knowledge.

"We are talking about the mental makeup not what you studied.

"Everyone is waiting to get into an office but the offices are fewer.

"Universities review programs from three to five years and certain courses are dropped through these reviews," explained Prof Murwira.

Portfolio committee member Mathias Tongofa expressed concern over attachment challenges experienced by university students.

"We know that attachments are very important and what we are seeing is that every program in universities has got an attachment but the students are not getting places for attachment.

"A student doing engineering is ending up in a beer hall for the sake of being attached there.

"The value of the attachments is no longer there; do you think we can continue under that same trajectory?" he asked.

Prof Murwira replied:

"Education 5.0 is saying whatever you are doing, what is it for?

"There are goods then there are services, certain subjects produce services and some goods, but if you cannot pin point which services or goods you are providing, this is how a degree has to disappear.

"A degree is seen in action not on papers."



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