'Build more labs, embrace innovation'

By Staff reporter | 15 Feb 2020 at 16:47hrs
THERE is a glaring shortage of basic science laboratories in Beitbridge schools and it is very critical for the youth to embrace innovation to push the country's national economic development initiatives.

This was said by Beitbridge East legislator Albert Nguluvhe during an interface with youth organisations from his constituency on Saturday.

He said though the Government was seized with addressing issues of unemployment and availing equal opportunities for young people to participate in nation-building, it was critical for them to come to the party.

The legislator said he had started courting investors to build basic science laboratories in most secondary schools to enhance the teaching of sciences, technical and related subjects.

"We are facing a number of challenges as a country, but that does not mean we should fold hands and mourn," said Nguluvhe.

"First as citizens lets have an understanding of our rights and how we can play a part in developing ourselves as effective human resources that contribute to national economic development.

"The Government policy is that we must all benefit from resources around us and I urge you as young people to have a self-introspection and look at what we can do.

"We are all aware that we have challenges with creating jobs for everyone. This then calls for young people to be innovative and be the creators of employment rather than wait for others.

"Let's take a lead in pushing our aspirations and we are here to support you".

The parliamentarian said the unavailability of science laboratories was affecting the teaching of technical subjects in Beitbridge district.

He said in some cases children from the area had to go to other provinces to access such education.

Nguluvhe said he had since approached authorities with the Ministry of Youth Development to consider setting up a model Vocational Training Centre in Beitbridge where youngest people may learn life and entrepreneurship skills.

"Additionally, we need community dialogue as a starting point. You need to understand the issues of citizenship and your rights as a full citizen of this country.

"This enhances good governance because everyone is involved and there is equitable distribution of resources. Leadership is not confined to politicians alone in order to promote accountability. We must be held accountable as leaders. Young people like you have more clarity and ideas on the dynamics of life," he said.

He said he was nurturing talent from the area including those involved in sports, innovation, farming and entrepreneurship.

He said it was important for community leaders and young people to bridge the communication gap and to promote continued engagement on cross-cutting issues.

Nguluvhe said the major issues of concern among the youth were employment creation, access top Government loans and access to land and resources to implement varied projects.

"I am currently working on a skills database for the youth which will help us empower each other. This is a very important tool in troubleshooting some of your challenges," said the legislator.

Beitbridge Youth Forum Coordinator, Sean Naboth Chingono said the youth had agreed to come together in creating platforms to engage with key officials who have a direct link to their matters.

"We want to avoid the blame game and as such we have organised this platform to have a clear understanding from authorities on what they are doing and what we can do to address matters which concern us.

"Most of us here are eager to participate in national economic development and that can only be possible if we create an enabling environment for interaction and inclusion," said Chingono.



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