VAYA taxi driver killed

By Staff reporter | 15 Feb 2020 at 16:39hrs
In a very distressing development, a  driver on  Econet's ride-hailing platform, Vaya, was recently found dead after having gone missing for two days. 

Claudious Nyanga's body was found thrown in a trench near a maize field in Avonlea, in a murder suspected case.

According to a statement posted on Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) official account in microblogging site, Twitter,  Nyanga's corpse was found with massive injuries all over.

A taxi driver who went missing on 10/2/20 was found dead in a shallow well on 12/2/20 in Emerald Hill, Harare. His hands were tied with shoes laces & he had injuries on the right side of his head. The light green Honda Fit vehicle, registration number AEJ-5112 is still missing. The case is being investigated.

After Nyanga was reported missing on Monday, his car, a Honda Fit is reported to have been spotted in Epworth. crime experts have revealed that the criminals are suspected to reside in the high-density suburb. While the Honda Fit had a tracking device, it is reported to have failed to work at the time the suspected murder occurred.

A police report and investigation was only carried out after the deceased's client, who was waiting for Nyanga on the day he went missing, contacted the family to check on his whereabouts.

Speaking to the publication, Nyanga's son, Alfred, told the publication that the family was deeply hurt by the untimely death and the circumstances leading to it.

This client is like family to us and baba vanogara vachimutakura saka ndiye akatozofona kuti mdhara havasati vasvika then we started calling him but number yavo yairamba until the next morning when we reported the case ku police.

We looked for my father everywhere kuma hospitals, mortuary muma streets even pama shops but hatina kuvawana until hanzvadzi yamhamha found leads on baba's disappearance kuGreencroft. I was heartbroken seeing my old man in a terrible state dumbu ranga rava kutozvimba mudhara looked so lifeless ndakarwadziwa ndanga ndisati ndamboona baba vakaita seizvozvo.

Claudius' second son Tendai told the publication that he was aggrieved by the vehicle tracking system that failed to help them locate their father's car.

I'm really hurt nemafiro ababa, ndiri kubatikana ne Econet. We paid for the car tracker but haina kuti batsira they kept telling to us kuti their server was down. Zvinorwadza kuti we paid for the tracker when the car was registered for VAYA asi hazvina kubatsira," he said.



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