Cop arrested for leaking police information

By Staff reporter | 10 Feb 2020 at 17:47hrs
A POLICE constable has been arrested on allegations of leaking police information through the social media platform, WhatsApp, barely two days after the force banned its officers from using cellphones while on duty.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest yesterday.

 "Constable Lorine Joyce Mugoronji of Harare has been arrested for using the WhatsApp platform to leak police information which was meant for commanders and is now facing both criminal and disciplinary charges," Nyathi said.

Nyathi reiterated the directive to ban the use of cellphones by police officers on duty.

"The Zimbabwe Republic Police, reiterates that the responsibility of police officers on any duty is to concentrate on crime prevention, detection and investigation. In this regard, police officers on any deployment point shall focus on allocated tasks and serve the public according to set standards. Police officers will thus not be allowed to focus on their cellphones at the expense of duty…" he said.

This comes after a memo circulated by the police officer commanding Harare province on February 6, 2020, calling on junior officers to use police radios in their communications while on duty.



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