Zimbabwe doctors set up online health centre

By Staff reporter | 04 Feb 2020 at 16:44hrs
A team of medical experts in the country have embraced digital technologies to create an online health centre to assist their clientele online through offering health education, health awareness and solutions through digital communications.

The aim of the online health centre is to reduce the distance between health practitioners and patients.

Speaking to CITE, Communications Coordinator, Honest Makanyire said the online health centre comprises of health experts who are readily available to answer client's health-related questions.

"Zimbabwe online health centre is a digital platform that has been created to provide health care services. We offer health education, health awareness programmes, provision of health tips and provision of health solutions to clients via digital communication.

"The team comprises of health experts who are readily available to answer client's health-related questions, it is more of an online health clinic where we interact with clients through Facebook page via inbox, live streaming programs and online appointments with the doctor or health professional," said Makanyire.

"Our clients can also communicate through email, Whats app calls and messenger calls.

He added that clients are also able to set online appointments with the doctors, a situation meant to ease travelling for most patients.

"Online appointments with the doctor mean one does not have to travel from one place to another to see the doctor. We also produce awareness videos that focus on various issues for instance coronavirus.

"Remember everything has gone digital so we are simply embracing new information technology to enhance health services," said Makanyire.

"At the moment consultation is free but with time clients will be asked to pay a subscription fee.

Contacted for a comment, Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA), Secretary-General, Dr Tawanda Zvakada said though this is a great stride in health service provision, the population is not ready to fully embrace the service.

"It's a good initiative and a great stride in the positive but our population is not yet ready to embrace it and fully utilize it," said Dr Zvakanda.

"As a complimentary yes it's a good initiative but it cannot be used to replace our human resources in the government institutions. It all goes back to addressing the root cause of the problem which is the doctors' incapacitation and the poor working conditions."



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