Your smart TV could be spying on you

By Staff Writer | 03 Dec 2019 at 20:54hrs
The FBI has issued a statement which details how your Smart TV could be a digital security risk.

"Beyond the risk that your TV manufacturer and app developers may be listening and watching you, that television can also be a gateway for hackers to come into your home," the FBI said.

"A bad cyber actor may not be able to access your locked-down computer directly, but it is possible that your unsecured TV can give him or her an easy way in the backdoor through your router."

The FBI also said that hackers can take control of an unsecured TV directly.

"At the low end of the risk spectrum, they can change channels, play with the volume, and show your kids inappropriate videos. In a worst-case scenario, they can turn on your bedroom TV's camera and microphone and silently cyberstalk you."

The FBI provided a series of ways to protect yourself and your family against malicious parties seeking to compromise your digital security through your Smart TV:

Know exactly what features your TV has and how to control them.
Don't depend on the default security settings; change your passwords, and know how to turn off the built-in microphones, cameras, and collection of personal information.
If you can't turn off the camera, consider using a piece of black tape.
Check for the ability to update the Smart TV with security patches
Check the privacy policy for the TV manufacturer and streaming services you use.



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