New Facebook tool lets you move photos to Google

By Staff reporter | 03 Dec 2019 at 20:49hrs
Facebook has announced a new feature that will let users seamlessly export their Facebook photos and videos to other online platforms.

Initially, the functionality will support the bulk transferral of user content to Google Photos.

The feature is believed to be the result of a partnership between Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft, known as the Data Transfer Project.

This open-source initiative is aimed at making it easier for Internet users to move data between different online services.

Facebook's data export tool will be rolled out to users in Ireland initially, with worldwide availability in the first half of 2020.

Once it is available, users will find the tool under their Facebook Settings.

Data portability legislation

Lawmakers in the US are pushing a bill that will improve online data portability.

These laws will effectively force social media and Internet companies to let users share their data across services.

This new feature is seen as a pre-emptive move from Facebook should the proposed legislation come into effect.

Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, previously announced that it would provide a tool that lets users download the data they posted on the image-sharing platform.



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