OK unveils grocery online shopping

By Staff reporter | 26 Nov 2019 at 20:51hrs
Retailer OK Zimbabwe has unveiled an online shopping store to allow customers to buy online. Prior to this, the strategy had been to only sell products in its wide network of stores.

OK Zimbabwe joins the growing number of online retailers such as Spar Zimbabwe, Food World and Hammer and Tongues. The online store will sell all goods from perishables, electrical supplies and furniture.

Prices for commodities are in US dollars and the website is not clear if customers are able to pay with the local currency.

However, the fact that prices on the store are in US dollars means this service will make more sense for foreign currency earners, especially those in the diaspora.

With the country's continued economic challenges, access to an online shopping option for those outside of the country is convenient as they can pay remotely for groceries they would have bought for their families back here in Zimbabwe.



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