EcoCash services remain subdued

By Staff reporter | 21 Nov 2019 at 04:16hrs
Ecocash services remained subdued yesterday with no improvement in sight but with the firm assuring customers that the platform would soon stabilise as it was working "round the clock" to optimise "a few components".

The glitches, which has left millions without means of making payments, followed a weekend upgrade that started on Saturday and was expected to end on Sunday.

In a statement last night, Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, the company that owns EcoCash, said the process of stabilising its new platform was "nearly" complete and pleaded for patience as it worked to "optimise" the performance of the service. It described the new upgrade as more secure.

"We once again would like to thank our valued customers for bearing with us during this critical period in which we are now optimising the various EcoCash services in a live environment," said Mr Eddie Chibi, the CEO of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe.

"The core of our platform is now working quite well, but some work is still continuing on the optimisation of a few components that involve integration to third parties. We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience this may have caused them."

Mr Chibi said their engineers, along with experts from Comviva - the international platform vendor of the EcoCash platform who have been on the ground in Zimbabwe for a month in preparation for the major upgrade - were working around the clock to resolve all outstanding issues.

EcoCash announced a planned major upgrade of its platform last week to improve system availability, user experience, security and long-term capacity issues.

EcoCash services have remained depressed causing major business prejudice since the platform handles about 86,5 percent of Zimbabwe's transactions and 99 percent of mobile money transfers.

Few services such as buying airtime, data and other transactions were possible with supermarkets and fuel service stations short-cut systems still down thereby leaving several businesses hamstrung. The unavailability of other services has made buying goods and services basically impossible.



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