Cassava unveils diaspora agric finance plan

By Staff reporter | 21 Nov 2019 at 04:14hrs
CASSAVA Smartech has launched the EcoFarmer Diaspora Agriculture Finance Plan (DAFP) that is set to allow Zimbabweans living in the diaspora to remit funds, which directly go towards the purchase of farming inputs for their families in Zimbabwe.  

Cassava Smartech, which already has over 2 000 tractors on the Vaya Tractor platform and has to date ploughed over 20 000 hectares of land since the commencement of this farming season, has partnered with various leading seed, fertiliser and chemical companies with wide branch networks across Zimbabwe in the finance plan.  

The company said beneficiary families in Zimbabwe will be able to access inputs from EcoFarmer selected partners, namely Seedco Limited, Agricura, Windmill, Easi-Seeds, Tocek-Zadzamatura, Farm Shop/National Tested Seeds as well as Arda Seeds.

Cassava Smartech chief executive officer, Mr Eddie Chibi, said the service will ensure that remitters' funds to beneficiaries in Zimbabwe are put to good use as they will go straight towards payment of the tillage services and farming inputs.

"As a leading technology  company, we want to leverage on our international remittance platforms  to come up with solutions aimed at restoring Zimbabwe's status as the bread basket of Africa. EcoFarmer DAFP will give more control to our remitters as their funds are in safe hands and will be put to good and intended use," said Mr Chibi.

He said the partnerships with input suppliers will ensure that beneficiaries receive good quality seeds, fertilisers and chemicals.  

"We will also guarantee that customers get their land tilled through our Vaya Tractor service, which has already been providing tillage services throughout the country," Mr Chibi said.

The EcoFarmer DAFP service will be accessible to people living in the diaspora via the Cassava Remit website or via the EcoFarmer website.

Cassava has said that when a customer accesses the website, they log in and register, then select the tillage service and farming inputs they need. Thereafter, they confirm payment upon which the beneficiary in Zimbabwe receives an SMS confirmation of the purchase.

The beneficiary will be able to access the inputs from the various partner outlets across the country, at which point their Vaya Tractor is also deployed.  

"The remitter will receive an email notification once the inputs have been collected and tillage service has been received," said Mr Chibi.     

He said the service was set to help farmers boost productivity and uplift the livelihoods of Zimbabweans.



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