WhatsApp users banned for suspicious group names - Report

By Staff Writer | 11 Nov 2019 at 20:51hrs
Several WhatsApp users have reportedly been banned from the platform for being members of groups with suspicious or controversial names.

WABetaInfo collated a number of complaints from users who were unable to access the app after certain group members had changed the group subject.

One Reddit user said that a participant in his university group had changed the name to "something illegal", resulting in a ban of the entire group.

Another user said that members of his group had their accounts suspended after one of his friends changed the group name to "chld prn" as a joke.

In addition, one user reported that his entire WhatsApp school group with around 100 members was also banned overnight.

These users were unable to access WhatsApp after the ban and said that attempts to contact the platform about the issue returned automatic replies.

The replies said these users were banned for violating WhatsApp's Terms of Service and gave no option for further responses.

Currently the only recourse for these users is to change their phone number, which also means that they lose access to their chat history.

WhatsApp group admins who are concerned that the same issue could befall members of their groups can use the Group Info Restriction feature under Group Settings to give only admins the ability to change group subjects.



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