Animation series focuses on ghetto life

By Staff reporter | 05 Nov 2019 at 15:52hrs
A ZIMBABWEAN animation series called PaGhetto which seeks to depict youths' daily experiences in the ghetto has taken various digital social media platforms by storm. Created by animator and graphic designer Ivan Bakke, 26, PaGhetto seeks to show the world how youths in the ghettos live.

"Together with my team of five we bring out how we have lived in the ghettos since childhood to adulthood," said Bakke.

Bakke told the Daily News that growing up and surviving in the ghetto is accompanied by many trials and tribulations as well as mistakes that have shaped the lifestyles of today's youths and his work is to show it to the world through an animation series.

"At the moment we all know things are really tough in our country, it is very difficult for one to get paid for my type of work. At the moment YouTube pays me and I do animated videos for some music artistes and it pays as well," he said.

Bakke added that at first he was afraid of what people would think and how they would respond to his content but to his surprise, people across the board have responded very well considering how they can personally relate to the series.

He said although he showcases his series on most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, YouTube has been the best of them all thus on all the other platforms he simply uploads a short clip which directs them to YouTube for the full video.

"In Zimbabwe the market for this kind of art is really unappreciated yet it takes a lot of time, skill and dedication to create then produce the kind of content we broadcast," said Bakke.

He said most people, excluding the younger generation, still have the mentality that animation is only for children but in contrast the world over, many animators are doing well for themselves creating work for all ages.

Furthermore, Bakke said the market is not what they want it to be at the moment but local animators remain optimistic that their works will make enough noise for them until Zimbabweans catch up with the rest of the world in appreciating the craft.



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