ZBC to get funding from government

By Staff reporter | 05 Nov 2019 at 14:54hrs
Mthuli Ncube
Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube has said the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is going to get funding from the fiscus and that some of it had already been disbursed to assist the corporation.

Minister Ncube who was part of the stakeholders touring Morton Jaffray on Monday said the money was going towards the clearance of employee arrears and giving the company some relief.

"We gave ZBC some money to clear their arrears in terms of employee salaries and other obligations to employees that has really given the company relief. Going forward, we will be providing more funding to ZBC but also to make sure that every programme where you are invited to ZBC, government is able to budget properly." minister Ncube said.

Minister Ncube added that government was working around issues of roping in foreign investors to assist with the 24 hour news channel.

"We also know that there are outstanding issues such as launching the 24 hour news channel, for example we have got proposals to do that jointly with some foreign investors who are prepared to come in and work jointly with ZBC. Once you launch the news channel you need content and I do not think there is enough capacity to provide 24-hour content so all of that is in the plans and we are going to provide an adequate budget to support ZBC going forward," he added



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