Second Zesa board inside six months by end of November

By Staff reporter | 04 Nov 2019 at 08:03hrs
ENERGY Minister, Fortune Chasi has announced he will soon appoint another Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) board, barely six months after he sent packing, the previous board that had served for barely 60 days.

Speaking at the National Energy Innovations Summit recently, Chasi said a game changing board will be appointed before year end.

"We have appointed a panel made up of Zimbabwean professionals of great integrity and gave them guidelines on the selection criteria. There will be no room for chancers and the coming board will partly be made up of young, innovative people and hopefully, I will announce the board by end of November," said Chasi.

The last Zesa board was fired by the minister after spending two months in office.

The sacking was, according to Chasi, triggered by the former board's failure to "appreciate the urgency of the situation we are in".

He said the board had not done much to address the power challenges and promised he would replace it with people who do not wait for monthly or quarterly meetings to address the power challenges confronting the nation.

Zimbabwe is facing its worst power crisis since independence with both domestic and industrial consumers having to endure up to 18 hours of load-shedding a day.



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