Firefox to crack down on pop-up notifications

By Staff Writer | 04 Nov 2019 at 07:44hrs
Firefox will hide notification popups by default in Firefox 72, which is set to go live in January 2020, ZDNet reports.

Mozilla ran a test in April which found that 97% of Firefox users either dismiss pop-up notifications or block them from appearing entirely.

For this reason, Mozilla plans to hide notification bars by default in its Firefox browser, and will instead show a small icon next to the website URL. This icon will be animated so that users can see if a notification pop-up is available.

If the user wants to subscribe to notifications from that website, they can click on the icon to open the notification pop-up.

Notification popups are generally used by websites to provide subscribers with updates when they publish new content.

They are also used by web applications to let users know when they have received a new message.

However, notifications are also used by many spammers as a method for pushing significant amounts of unwanted content to users who visit malicious websites.

This spam method has been made popular by the fact that modern browsers have become efficient at blocking ad pop-ups and other means of propagating spam through web browsers.



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