Problems with background apps on iOS 13 - Report

By Staff Writer | 04 Nov 2019 at 07:39hrs
IOS 13
iPhone owners are reporting that iOS 13 is shutting down background apps too frequently, supposedly as a result of poor RAM management.

MacRumors collected multiple complaints about the problem, which occurs when a user switches between applications.

One user was working in Excel and switched to YouTube for about 10 minutes. Upon returning to Excel, the app had to be reloaded.

Another was watching a video on YouTube using an iPhone 11 Pro and paused to respond to a text message.

After less than a minute in iMessage, the user returned to YouTube, which had to re-open and could not return to the same timestamp in the video.

Others have reported losing progress in drafted emails when switching to Spotify or the camera app.

The problem seems to be occurring across several different Apple devices, including the iPhone 7, iPhone X, and iPad Pro.

On the iPhone 11, the issue is reportedly prevalent when using memory-intensive functions such as the camera app.

The latest issue follows reports of multiple bugs since the release of iOS 13.

These included a security flaw which allowed the bypassing of the lock screen, increased battery drain, and call dropping.

It is not clear if the memory management bug is being caused by iOS 13 or its latest update, iOS 13.2.



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