New electric car battery can charge in 10 minutes

By Staff Writer | 04 Nov 2019 at 07:37hrs
Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have developed a new lithium-ion battery which allows for an electric car to fully recharge in 10 minutes.

The design was detailed in a paper published in Joule on Wednesday.

The charge provides drivers with up to 200 miles (320km) of range for every 10 minutes of charging.

Currently, Tesla's Supercharger 3 network provides the fastest mainstream electric vehicle charging, delivering 75 miles of range in 5 minutes for a Tesla Model 3 Long Range.
Asymmetric temperature modulation

The researchers used an asymmetric charging approach to counter lithium plating, which drains lithium-ion battery capacity over time.

This involves quickly charging the battery at a high temperature and then storing the charge at a low temperature.

This process gives the battery up to 2,500 charging cycles or a total range of 500,000 miles (804 500km) over its lifetime.

Co-author and assistant research professor at Penn State, Xio-Guang Yang, said the adjustment in temperatures will help to make electric cars more suitable for all weather conditions.

"No matter if the vehicle is in the summer of Arizona or winter of Wisconsin, the battery is always charged at 60 degree Celsius," Yang stated.

"That said, our approach, for the first time, makes charging of electric vehicles truly weather- and region-independent."

The graphs below show how the asymmetric temperature modulation allows for 2,500 charging cycles.



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