ZOL increases price and data to all capped packages

By Staff writer | 17 Mar 2019 at 10:21hrs
ZOL, one of the biggest internet service providers in Zimbabwe, last night raised its internet prices for the third time in less than a year. The price hike was mainly due to the shift to the Monetary Policy Statement after the country's Central Bank separated bank accounts earning forex from those earning local currency.

The Central Bank is battling a foreign currency crunch that has grounded operations for some companies, with several others forced to hike the prices of goods and services.

Zimbabwe has devalued the bond notes and coins used as legal tender alongside other foreign currencies. It has also moved to liberalise the exchange rate regime, with forex rates now being determined on an interbank market.

ZOL announced the increase of data to all capped packages as of 01 April 2019.

This effectively decreases the price of data per GB. ZOL says that it understands that data is crucial and believes that this will enable its subscribers to get the best out of their usage and gain even more value.
In a statement, ZOL said, "For all our customers on unlimited packages, be on the lookout for our communication this Friday, 15 March 2019 with details on the collection of your FREE Roku streaming device valued at $110. Roku Boxes will be made available to you at all of our retail shops nationwide. Take note that Terms and Conditions apply to the issue of the Roku Boxes."

"We would also like to advise you of a price alignment which will take effect from 1 April 2019. This Follows the recent Monetary Policy Statement ("MPS") announced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ("RBZ") Governor on the 20:h of February 2019, which introduced the RTGS dollar.

"Pricing for all our products and services will remain unchanged from our existing US Dollar denominated base price, when payment is made in US Dollars. However, when payment is made using the RTGS dollar, the price will be converted at the prevailing interbank foreign currency market exchange rate on the date of payment. Currently the rate is at 1US$:2.5RTGSS.



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