Don't be scared of using public Wi-Fi

Browsing the web using password-less public Wi-Fi is much safer than it has been in previous years.This is

What to look for when buying an LTE router

When signing up to an LTE data contract with one of South Africa's leading mobile networks, if you are not planning on using the SIM card in your smar

Wi-Fi network for natural disasters

From a cramped living room in Brooklyn, New York, a handful of young computer nerds has developed a new way to use technology to help save lives in na

5G launches in the US - Here are the speeds users can get

US network Verizon has launched its 5G consumer network ahead of schedule across Chicago and Minneapolis.According to

US opens terahertz spectrum for 6G wireless data

The United States Federal Communications Commission has u

5 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home

Wireless Internet connectivity has become an important amenity for modern households, but it can be frustrating when not set up properly.Wheth

Huawei ban could set Europe's 5G networks back 2 years - Vodafone CEO

Speaking at MWC 2019, Vodafone CEO Nick Read said that blocking the use of Huawei infrastructure would be "hugely disruptive" to the rollout of 5G in

Huawei unveils new 5G routers

Huawei has showcased its new 5G CPE devices at MWC 2019.Powered by the Huawei 5G Balong 5000 chipset, the devices offer a theoretical maximum

Liquid Telecom terminating "old" CDMA, WIMAX, and LTE products

Liquid Telecom has stated that it is terminating "legacy products" on its wireless CDMA, WIMAX, and LTE networks.The company has posted a "

Huawei launches new 5G network hardware and CPE

Huawei has launched its commercial 5G CPE Pro, which is powered by its Balong 5000 5G multi-mode chipset.The company's Balong 5000 chip suppor

New D-Link home router gives 2Gbps Wi-Fi speeds

D-Link has unveiled a new home Wi-Fi router which will give users Internet connection speeds of over 2Gbps.The DWR-2010 5G Enhanced Gateway is

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