Satellites used to track food supplies during coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic leads to anxiety over the strength of the world's food supply chains, everyone from governments to banks are turning to th

Satellites could soon outnumber visible stars

Expect the night sky to start changing fast. One day soon, the stars we can see from Earth could be outnumbered by a vast swarm of satellites.

Mnangagwa says 'Science education way to go'

President Mnangagwa has said science education is critical for Zimbabwe to achieve rapid modernisation, urging institutions of higher learning to chur

Virgin Orbit to deploy satellites to Mars

Private space company Virgin Orbit is planning to launch its first commercial small satellites to Mars by 2022.The company is one of several s

Facebook's robotic arms and legs learning faster than ever

Although Facebook Inc. doesn't sell robots, its researchers use plenty of them - and the company said its machines are getting a lot smarter, a lot fa

The home of the future

Breezy Point is beautiful in the summertime, a quaint neighborhood sitting on a slim peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic just south of New York

US aims to test particle beam orbital weapon in 2023

United States defence officials are planning to test a neutral particle beam orbital weapon in 2023,

YouTube demonetises anti-vaccination videos

YouTube will no longer allow anti-vaccination videos to run ads, reports

Zimbabwe scientists discover 'ozone hole' over South Africa

A team of Zimbabwean researchers has discovered an "ozone hole" over South Africa that is centred over the Free State Province during spring, which im

The dark side of aeroplane automation

As Boeing Co. was developing its latest version of the 737 airliner, it discovered the design was slightly more prone to a loss of control. So the com

China's private rocket fails to reach orbit

A privately developed Chinese carrier rocket failed to reach orbit after lifting off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on Saturday, in a blow to th

Japanese space agency lands rovers on asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully landed two rovers on the surface of an asteroid, Ryugu, the

New undersea lasers let vehicles talk to each other

Nearly five years ago, NASA and Lincoln Laboratory made history when the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) used a pulsed laser beam to tr

Nasa launches mission to 'touch the Sun'

US space agency Nasa has launched its mission to send a satellite closer to the Sun than any before.The Parker Solar Probe rocket lifted off f

Nasa postpones 'mission to the Sun'

US space agency Nasa has delayed its mission to send a satellite closer to the Sun than any before.The Parker Solar Probe was set to launch fr

The new soft hardware

The latest development in textiles and fibers is a kind of soft hardware that you can wear: cloth that has electronic devices built right into it.

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