Social media alone won't bring change in Zimbabwe

EXACTLY four years ago, in an opinion piece run by The Guardian, I argued that social media activists in Zimbabwe faced an uphill struggle finding mom

Public interest oversight needed in data pricing

DIGITAL platforms are increasingly proving to be a viable option for economic survival in the wake of Covid-19-induced lockdown measures. Although acc

We need to turn schools into technological hubs

ALTHOUGH it was on the eve of school holidays, the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a devastating effect worldwide, had an immediate impact on the

Covid-19: Wake up call for ICT departments

THE coronavirus outbreak is a wake-up call to our government's ICT departments that as a nation we need to initiate and promote digitalisation across

Zimbabwe military cyber intrusion uncivilised

THE Zimbabwe National Army commander Edzai Chimonyo was quoted this week as saying the military would soon start snooping into private communications

Zimbabwe needs to adopt a rights-based approach in regulation of internet

Zimbabwe has been in the process of aligning its laws with the 2013 constitution, resulting in the unbundling in 2019 of the Access to Information and

Zimbabwe army's social media snooping bone-chilling

NEWS that the Zimbabwe military is planning to snoop on social media activities is not only chilling, but an anathema to the country's progress toward

ZRP must embrace social media platforms

SOCIAL media platforms are powerful ways for organisations to reach their audiences, so if you want a successful organisation you cannot afford to ign

'Infrastructure sharing way to go'

THE parliamentary portfolio committee on Information Communication Technology (ICT) says the government must ensure mobile operators accept infrastruc

Mobile money, is it not time for interoperability?

A few weeks ago, a mobile money service provider sought to do an upgrade. Ordinarily, upgrades result in more efficiency, but the one in question brou

Cashless society: EcoCash blip a wake-up call

Zimbabwe, like most nations, is moving more and more towards a cashless society where financial transactions are executed electronically than in physi

E-Learning key to effective learning

Government's move to establish smart classrooms in primary schools as a way of promoting a sustainable computer education programme will ensure effect

EcoCash platform upgrade long overdue

When mobile money platform provider EcoCash this week announced it will be conducting an upgrade of its platform between Saturday evening and Sunday e

A guide to buying electricity in Zimbabwe

You are probably wondering why money that used to buy you electricity enough for a month can barely scratch the surface now. It is a long story, but i

Blockchain can be the future of Zimbabwe insurance

Blockchain technology - typically associated with the controversial cryptocurrencies - is arguably one of the biggest innovations since the onset of t

What's next for Telecel

Telecel Zimbabwe has seen some re-alignment with board appointments happening in the past few weeks, which saw the replacement of Francis Mawindi and

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