FasterCapital's first round of funding 2019

By Tawanda Mutukwa | 22 Mar 2019 at 22:01hrs
FasterCapital (a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE) has finished its first round of funding on 16th, March, 2019. FasterCapital has attracted more than 250 submissions from more than 60 countries. The results will be announced in four weeks time.

This round is dedicated for startups interested in the incubation program where FasterCapital comes as a technical co-founder and invests up to 75% of the seed funding in each accepted startup.

FasterCapital closed the round with the announcement of accepting a new innovative startup from Australia (Bubble.Global) into its incubation program with an investment of US$150,000.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City, UAE. FasterCapital has more than 24 graduated startups, 25 startups in the incubation program, 270 startups in the acceleration program plus more than 680 regional partners and representatives and 200 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has invested more than 13 million USD since its creation in 2010.

FasterCapital has more than 100 internal developers with different skill sets who are already working on multiple projects.

Startups can apply to join our Virtual Incubator at:

FasterCapital accepts tech startups from all the 4 corners of Zimbabwe as it is a Virtual Incubator.

It also accepts non-technical entrepreneurs for tech startups which helps cover an untapped market and even accept ideas for incubation even when the entrepreneur has no minimum viable product (MVP) in other words just an idea or dream but needs the necessary funding.



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