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By Staff Writer | 30 Jun 2019 at 18:17hrs
Gtel Pro 7
The Gtel X7 pro is a sleek multi-functional phone that fits perfectly into your everyday life without problems.

IT is fast and can handle your favourite applications with ease. The sleek uni-body of the X7 pro is a sight to behold and a pleasure to touch. As with all things elegant, its simplicity belies the elaborate design process.

Its unusual lightness adds a poetic touch to its overall feel.

This brand new design interface, based on Android 8.1, is refreshing in all senses. From brighter looks, snappier downloads, greater security features to smoother gaming, you can switch between apps with ease.

Whatever the scene - be it a romantic sunset, after-work drinks, yoga in the park, or a crowded mall - the X7 pro can differentiate between back-ground light conditions to add luminance to your portraits for stunning cover shots every time. The Gtel X7 pro carries the bokeh effect, and this yields a pleasant out-of-focus backdrop. Your face becomes the main object of admiration with vivid details and brighter tones.

Life is about exploring, hence the Gtel X7 pros' aim is to differentiate usage of other phones through exceptional camera features and overall premium image quality with two camera captors' 16mP at the front and 16+5MP camera set up at the back to reveal life's drama, texture, colour and beauty in every photograph that will take your breath away.

This seamless combination makes for some serious detail, captured in every picture.

The X7 pro touch screen is limitless in the purest form, unadulterated by borders or buttons. The all 5,8" HID in display fit aesthetically within a narrow frame, making it easily portable.

The vibrantly colourful screen is visually immersive, whether you are flicking through your photo albums, watching videos or playing games.

There is no longer any need for you to shy away and only use your phone in private as the X7 pro is impeccable.

It has a sharp viewing with unbeatable clarity and gives you an experience never to be forgotten.

The X7 pro displays rich colours and provides a broad 5,8" screen view on an IPS display. All of your content can be contained within a compact phone body size for further ease and convenience during usage.

Dazzle your eyes and see more on the screen from all your favourite apps.

More power, for longer. We know battery life is a big issue for you, so we have put in a powerful 3 000mAh battery.

Enjoy high-density battery and an optimised system. The battery life will last longer despite the continuous heavy phone usage as it does not need to be plugged in often.

Enjoy prolonged phone usage with smart power consumption optimisation, which maximises battery life in comparison to other phones with the same battery size and this guarantees you longer battery life.

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