Ride with ease the TODA way

By Staff reporter | 17 Jun 2019 at 11:39hrs
E-hailing is a new trend reshaping the way we do business in Zimbabwe. Out with the old and in with a new technology system to simplify the process of physically approaching a taxi driver and asking them to take you to the next destination.

Many may be wondering what e-hailing is and the basic explanation to how it operates and from where we stand, e-hailing is a process of ordering a car, taxi or any other form of transport from your mobile phone or computer.

It is from this background that we are introducing TODA Rider to Zimbabweans, a taxi e-hailing application to provide passengers and drivers a reliable, affordable and safe option to travel in and around Zimbabwe.

Toda Rider matches on the go passengers with readily available drivers and the journey begins. Our customers will use Toda Rider to catch a cab through our online system while drivers will use Toda Driver to register and become accredited Toda drivers.

It is important to note that TODA owns and manages the e-hailing platform while drivers are independent partners who provide services to clients at a commission.


TODA has four product options which include Toda Go, that is smaller, economical cars for everyday travel at average prices. Toda Lux is a service designed for those who prefer extra comfort, luxury and style when travelling.

Thirdly we offer Toda Grande, a travel option strategically set for clients who wish to travel in bigger groups or have lots of luggage on board.

Lastly Toda Truk, a service offered to those who require all terrain vehicles to travel out of town or those relocating to a new location and require truck services.


With TODA, passenger safety comes first, as the organisation will run concurrent training programmes for drivers in defensive driving, customer service and vehicle hygiene. More so, the organisation also charges competitive commissions, resulting in better weekly earnings for its drivers.

TODA Zimbabwe chief executive officer Mr Jefta Mugweni said his goal was to ensure citizens experienced advanced travel experiences at lower costs.

"This platform offers an improved alternative for helping those who need to get around, whenever they want. Drivers are also empowered to work for themselves, either full time or part-time, in other words they decide how much they want to earn and when they want to make it," he said.

Mr Mugweni added that the beauty of Toda application comes with its simplicity as just a few taps on your phone, a driver is notified and immediately picks you up from point A-B.

The application automatically bills through Ecocash and users can also pay using cash, while other payment methods will be gradually integrated into the system for enhanced convenience.

Also speaking on the product, TODA head of operations, Mr Nyasha Shereni said the organisation was confident of their product in the market as they took time building the app, testing it to ensure it serves its purpose to be convenient safe and affordable.

"We are confident that Toda can contribute to healthy competition by improving service quality and more opportunities for drivers to make sustainable income," he said.

Toda will be available in all major cities and towns countrywide, with Harare being its first port of call. However, people should look out for city-to-city outreaches as TODA moves to get everyone involved.

The app is available for download both on the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore.

For more information visit www.todazimbabwe.com