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By Staff Writer | 19 May 2019 at 19:06hrs
Gtel Pro
You don't have to settle for ordinary when you can enjoy the fashionable design and a comfortable grip. From the striking design, the Gtel X7 Pro provides a fresh look that's sure to please.

The Gtel phones have stood for beautiful, crafted design and excellent quality. The Gtel X7 Pro is no different: it's built to take on life as you know it - with durable and beautiful materials, great feel, and an ideal balance of performance and battery life.

What's best, your Gtel phone was designed with our hallmark attention to detail. The smooth, minimalist phone was made with great care in order to give the phone added durability. The form nestles perfectly in your hand.

Allow yourself to get the brighter display experience with a High Quality 5.8 Crystal Clear Screen. Dive into your favourite media through this broad and crystal clear phone screen.

Whether you are watching videos, playing games or surfing the web, experience the best visual display of content your phone has to offer.

The X7 Pro HD In Display ensures the content looks sharper as well as bigger. Dazzle your eyes and see more on the screen from all your favourite apps.

When it comes to battery power in the world of smartphones, Gtel lifts the trophy across most smartphone range devices. Devices that have been designed like the Gtel X7 Pro do not even reach the level of battery power the X7 pro has to offer.

The Gtel X7 Pro has sheer battery power of 3000mAh that is designed to last for an unbelievable 48 hours without recharge, which allows you to use your phone without any fears of power outages.

Brighten your pictures with innovated camera technology with the new Gtel X7 Pro's back and front cameras.

The 16MP front and 16+5mp back cameras, offers a faster and more reliable auto-focus system that allows you to capture every detail.

Getting great photos with the Gtel X7 Pro is easy: scene detection helps you get good shots wherever you are, while colors look natural thanks to these awesome cameras.

The cameras enable you to create impressive and dramatic studio-quality images. It delivers vivid, sharp photos even in poorly-lit conditions.

The X7 Pro offers the various and right beautification effects, meeting your beauty needs when taking a selfie, these cameras give you the most natural and awesome selfie.

Optimise your apps and performance with Android 8.1. The Android 8.1 operating system works perfectly with the Gtel X7 Pro smartphone to bring you smoother experience, more storage, and maximised battery life for your applications.

Easily access install and use all your favourite search, work and game apps without worrying about slowing down your phone or significantly impacting your storage space.

Enjoy high-speed phone performance unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Enjoy your exciting life disturbance-free! Stream a favourite movie and totally immerse in the scenario, play a trendy game and compete with virtual rivals, slide a photo album to relive those moments, stay connected with friends and share with one another ... You don't have to stay plugged in to let all that happen.


The Gtel X7 is available to pre-order, cash and layby payment terms. To order yours now or for more information SMS/ WHATSAPP "GTEL X7" to 077 200 1010. Do not forget to follow us on our Facebook page: GteL Zimbabwe, Twitter handle @Gtel Zimbabwe and Instagram: gtelzimbabwe to keep you always aware of the latest advances, news, updates, reviews, and giveaways and more from the technology world of the future.   

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