The Gtel X7s: Pure excellence

By Staff Writer | 17 Mar 2019 at 10:09hrs
A visual art that embraces technology and craftsmanship. The Gtel X7s is built with a full vibrant display to accentuate its pure beauty. The immensely powerful engine inside unlocks future possibilities and creates a new path for intelligence.

UNLEASH your creativity with the X7s cameras to reveal life's drama, texture, colour and beauty in every photograph that will take your breath away. The Gtel X7s offers extra on all fronts, with its battery capacity being one of its most outstanding features, plus a bigger screen with an edgeless feel. If you are looking for one of the best smart-phones, look no further. Gtel smart-phones have always been a pioneer of smart-phone photography. Now the X7s is once again leading the way with the revolutionary front and back cameras, where aesthetic vision meets an advanced camera system that shines a light on intelligent photography.

Frame the world with the iconic 8mP and 13+2MP cameras where one flash inherits the Gtel central and simple camera design concept to create an aesthetic signature, which allows you to see through the window, and explore the world.

The Gtel X7s comes with a full screen that offers infinite possibilities. Be immersed by the excellent display with a remarkable screen-to-body ratio, supporting a full screen of distinct clarity and striking colour.

The seamless design provides a wide space to explore the world. Witness the power of next-generation screen technology as the HD IPS Full-View display bursts into life on the 6,19-inch display, delivering a superior colour gamut for one of our best screens to date. The edge-less fingerprint sensor with smart navigation can offer an additional informative area.

The Gtel X7S is a symphony in your hand. Sophisticated craftsmanship that creates a smooth and warm contrast to the glass back and makes it comfortable and reliable to hold.

The X7S notch display covers the entire front of the device, which allows you the most crystal clear visuals whilst you go through your media files to give the best possible display clarity visible to the human eye.

This display gives the user mind-blowing satisfaction and user freedom like never done or seen in this era of technology.

The Most Powerful and Intelligent, Ever. The Gtel X7s has a robust heart, and is a top performer.

It boasts a big processor that is installed within the device to give you fast driving power.

Clocked at Octa Core 2,0 GHz, it is intuitive in processing your requests, immediately displaying the search results on Google or the most recent posts on News Feed when you catch up with friends on Facebook. Count on the device to perform desktop level tasks, too.

You'll be excited at how swift it is in performing heavy tasks such as gaming and video streaming.

More Power For Longer

The Gtel X7s houses a hugely powerful battery that charges safely and swiftly, and keeps its power for much longer.

The phone's impressive capacity and enduring power is always the symbol of the Gtel smart-phone series.

The impressive 4000 mAh battery fuels your daily work and entertainment needs.

Visit our new Gtel distribution partner shop at Gulf Complex, Shop Number B12.

Warranty and backup service

• The Gtel X7S is available to pre-order, cash and layby pay-ment terms. To order yours now or for more information GMS/WHATSAPP "GTEL X7S" to 073 200 1010/ 077 200 1010.

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