ZOL hikes Wibroniks prices

By Staff reporter | 21 Aug 2019 at 17:21hrs
Home Internet prices look to be going up from Zimbabwe's major telcos in 2019. It started with the increase of mobile operator prices last week (Voice and Data). We previously reported how TelOne confirmed a price hike set for early this month, and now it appears ZOL has similarly increased prices as well.

According to a statement sent by ZOL confirming the price increase.

"This serves to notify you of a 15% price adjustment on specific Wibroniks packages. The adjustment is effective 16 August 2019."

"All unpaid Unlimited Wibroniks subscriptions will be charged at the new price starting 16 August 2019. Payments made prior to the 16th of August will be deemed as settled for the month of August and will not require any top-ups. All prices for Fibroniks packages remain unchanged." ZOL added

Below are the prices:



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