Wicknell sends social media into overdrive

By Staff reporter | 01 Aug 2019 at 14:58hrs
FLAMBOYANT and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo reckons he can train and reach the same skill level as Hollywood martial arts star Jean Claude Van Damme. Earlier this week, the burly Chivayo sent social media ablaze when he posted a video of his workout on Instagram.

The controversial businessman said he was working out so just he can "deal" with anyone who accuses him of misappropriating funds his company received from the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) to build a solar power plant in Gwanda.

Chivayo said he would unleash the famous flying kicks made popular by Van Damme in numerous blockbuster Hollywood films like Kick Boxer, Bloodsport, Hard Target, Universal Soldier, Double Impact and Double Team.    

This, however, did not escape the humour of many Zimbabweans who questioned how Chivayo intended to throw kicks like Van Damme due to his weight. Norton House of Assembly representative Temba Mliswa also joined the queue in mocking the controversial businessman.

"Flying kick? How high off the ground? Kkkkk," Mliswa posted on the video. "These are the responses I expected manje. What happened to our sense of humour?" Chivayo retorted.   

Mliswa and Chivayo have had history of bad relations from the time when the former was the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy Development. The two ran into a lot of battles in the august House when the committee pressed hard for Chivayo's company Intratek Zimbabwe Private Limited to explain the progress of the multi-million dollar Gwanda solar project.

Criminal charges were preferred against Chivayo regarding the manner in which he won the ZPC deal but he was cleared by the courts. Chivayo divides opinion amongst Zimbabweans because of his braggadocios nature on social media where he flaunts his wealth by showing off expensive shoes, clothes, watches and vehicles.

He also posts pictures while on holiday at exclusive hotels and resorts in places like South Africa, the United States, and Europe at a time most Zimbabweans are living on less than a US$1 a day and in the dark because of a punishing load shedding schedule implemented by the national power utility, Zesa.

If Chivayo's  Gwanda solar power plant was operational, it would be providing at least 100 megawatts of power to the national grid on a daily basis.



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