iPhones can now fake eye contact in video calls

By Staff Writer | 04 Jul 2019 at 11:26hrs
Apple's upcoming iOS 13 mobile operating system is now available in a closed beta version, and users trying out the new software have discovered an interesting feature within FaceTime video calls.

New functionality named "FaceTime Attention Correction" will be introduced in iOS 13, according to closed beta users.

FaceTime Attention Correction automatically adjusts the image during a FaceTime video call to make it appear as though the person you are talking to is looking at their camera instead of their screen.

This means that when video calling another iPhone user, it will look as though you are making direct eye contact with the person on the other end through your screen.

According to beta testers, the feature has currently only been implemented in the iOS 13 beta for iPhone Xs and Xs Max devices, although it is expected to launch for other models when iOS 13 rolls out to the general public.



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