Chamisa's spin doctor attacked

By Staff Writer | 22 May 2019 at 20:36hrs
Dr Sibanda
MDC Presidential Spokesman Dr Nkululeko Sibanda has come under fire from Twitter users for comparing President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa's popularity on social media.

Celebrating Chamisa's half a million Twitter followers mark, Sibanda said, "Meanwhile, Mnangagwa is at a paltry 370k and claims to be President. And his timeline is full of comments and not likes or agreement. He gets more comments than approvals all the time. Approval rating is surely negative."

One user cautioned Sibanda saying, "Twitter numbers mean nothing Malema regretted use of social media as it gave him falsehoods on elections, Malema thought he was going to win as president of South Africa basing on social media. My advice is go on the ground for MDC to win elections. Join us on the ground.

"Ask EFF they will confirm for you that twitter, (social media) doesn't make u win an election. Social media followers do not translate to voters. It will not work."

Dr Sibanda defended his act by alleging that, "75% of Zimbabwe depend on the 25% for their news. Ask the Scientists who study these things and we will help you. Do you somehow think you live in the bow and arrow age?"

The following Twitter users also expressed their views on the matter:

Manley Mabhikwa: I do not think the comparison is necessary, such utterances have the further effect of reducing your standing amongst reasonable people.

Tafadzwa Masango: Social media popularity doesn't translate to votes on the ground. The bulk of yr followers post election even confessed to be unregistered voters futi. Maybe Chamisa is Twitter President and Mnangagwa is Zimbabwe's President.

Simba Musonza: 500K followers are not all Zimbabwean, not all registered to vote in Zimbabwe elections. Less than 17% of Zimbabweans are active on social media at least once every month according to Twitter, FB and Google.



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