Zupco's e-ticketing technology lauded by commuters

By Staff Wruter | 21 May 2019 at 17:35hrs
Newly acquired Zupco buses' e-ticketing technology, the Tap Card, has been lauded by commuters.

The Zupco buses started servicing various routes in Harare.

The buses started charging the new fares slashed by half by government this Tuesday, a development well-received by commuters.

"This is a welcome move, it will enable us to go to work, we were being reaped off by kombis, the introduction of half price will cushion us," said one commuter in Norton.

The e-ticketing technology, the Tap Card, has been lauded by commuters.

"The new ticketing technology will enable us to board buses without hassles, we can budget by topping the card for a month rather than looking for cash every day," said another commuter.

The Acting Zupco CEO, Everisto Madangwa and Norton Legislator Temba Mliswa said the new Tap Card should be embraced as it dovetails into the new dispensation's Vision 2030.

"We have introduced this technology to bring efficiency and accountability and this will make it easier for the commuters to settle the fares," said Mr Madangwa.

"This is good for our commuters, especially the tap card, in this cashless world the new dispensation has made life easier and should be commended for such a brilliant initiative to slash fares by half," said Norton MP Temba Mliswa.



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