We need WhatsApp: Traditional leader

By Staff reporter | 16 Apr 2019 at 08:28hrs
TRADITIONAL leader Robert Ticherwa Marina. who is popularly known as Sekuru Samba urges the Government to equip traditional leaders with smart-phones, television sets and solar power for them to perform their duties diligently.

He said the people they help depend on them for communication and they have to depend on outdated and unofficial information because they have no access to news sources.

"I urge the Government to equip all village heads and kraal leaders with three leadership assets like a smartphone for easy and cheaper communication through WhatsApp, television sets and solar power," he said.

"Remember we are number six from President Mnangagwa, there is a Presidium, Senator, Provincial Administrator, District Administrator, Chief, Village head and us the kraal heads, so we are important in the running of Zimbabwe.

"What the President says is finally handed over to the wide rural masses by us. But today we rely on second-hand information from our traditional beer gatherings, meetings and funerals."

"Imagine our rural people are still donating towards Cyclone Idal disaster victims because they are still getting these footages through social media.

"So I need a phone and television to help me stay in touch with the latest goings on."



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