Sony to launch 102MP full-frame camera sensor - report

By Staff Writer | 03 Apr 2019 at 10:51hrs
Sony is set to launch a 102 megapixel full-frame camera sensor, according to leaks from EOSHD.

Code-named IMX555CQR, the sensor is expected to roll out to Sony's consumer cameras and will reportedly be available to other camera manufacturers.

Canon has previously been rumoured to have a 100MP full-frame sensor in development, but it now appears that Sony has taken the lead in the race to be the first to launch such a sensor.

The 35mm Sony sensor would be able to capture still images in up to a 12,288 x 8,192 resolution, while it will also offer users the ability to record 6K videos.

Images taken in such a large resolution would require large storage devices, but with the recent launch of 1TB SD cards from Western Digital and Micron, storage will not be an issue.



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