How Zimbabweans can enjoy more calls for just a dollar

By Staff reporter | 15 Mar 2019 at 18:57hrs
Missed call
Zimbabweans can get more value for money using their local mobile network lines by simply manipulating the already available intra network promotions, which gives users about 10 minutes per every dollar if they are calling local

However this option for a long time has been limited to intra calls while across network charges a maximum of 3minutes 30sec for a dollar.

However, the best way most people are beating this costly mode is by simply jabbing mobile networks sim cards and convert the voice airtime to local. Bundles while having maximum benefits of 10 minutes plus, depending on your network

With the proliferation of dual sim phones, one may need a maximum of two handsets to jump on the bandwagon on. Which is generally a norm for lost Zimbabweans nowadays.

Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe recorded voice traffic of 1.27billion minutes during the last quarter last year, according to the Abridged Sector Performance Report released in November 2018. According to the report of all the three MNOs, Econet enjoys a bigger chunk in the market through the services it provides.

Econet Wireless charges $1 for ten minutes, in a promotion that has been going for 5 years since its introduction in 2014, which has managed to get the telecoms company a market share of 65.9%.

NetOne subscribers can also enjoy calling anyone on any local network for a dollar through Khuluma 24/7 and the dollar per day promotion.

On the other hand, Telecel has Telecel Go Cross-net Voice Bundles where for a dollar subscribers get 10 minutes that expire after a day. They also have a midnight promotion where users get more value for a dollar.

From the rates above voice traffic increased by 4.9% to record 1.27 billion minutes from 1.2 billion minutes recorded in the previous quarter as shown in Table 5 below:

All traffic categories with the exception of outgoing traffic to the fixed network recorded growth. Outbound roaming traffic recorded the highest growth of 47.7% which co attributable to increased cross-border activity by locals.

Inbound roaming traffic also grew by a considerable 25.7% as a result of an increase in foreign nationals roaming on local networks during the period under review (November 2018).



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