Steward Bank $osholoza launch

By Staff Writer | 08 Mar 2019 at 17:15hrs
Steward Bank yesterday launched a social media banking platform to enable transactions from own bank to any wallet.

The bank said there were no charges incurred when transferring money using their new application called $osholoza which uses WhatsApp in transactions. The $osholoza application is open to anyone with or without the Steward Bank account as it was created to make money transfers quicker and easier.

Arthur Matsaudza the chief technology officer at Steward Bank created $osholoza with the aim of making Zimbabweans have access to their finances with ease.

"The $osholoza application was created to market the brand, to satisfy our customers and most importantly to make work easier through online payments and transactions," he said.

For one to access the application one has to save 0777 222 333 in their mobile then be able to process the whole money transfer using a cell phone on WhatsApp.

Tapera Mushoriwa who works under the divisional head payments and digital financial services department clarified how useful and fast the application is through the WhatsApp platform.

"The platform attracts many users as people are always working on WhatsApp so it makes the transactions effective and faster.

"$osholoza on WhatsApp is also a way to market the Steward Bank brand quicker to make transactions easier," he said.

Attendants went through $osholoza trajectory with one Munyaradzi Mafi.

"The $osholoza application was created to make life easier.

"The $osholoza application comes with promotions as the first 50 people to save the number 0777 222 333 are being awarded with $100," Mafi said.

The launch had a great turn up were people were being informed and tutored on how to use the Sosholoza application through mobile phones.

The $osholoza application has made work much more efficient where there is easy access to sending and receiving money through any source as it also operates like Zimswitch.

Steward Bank advised that there is a current promotion running for the Sosholoza application where one is requested to like and share the Sosholoza application on Facebook and stand a chance to win $1000usd.

The Steward Bank $osholoza application allows one to send money from their current location to rural or remote areas.

The Steward Bank $osholoza application operates on 24 hours service as it helps in case of emergency.

The $osholoza application helps in terms of purchasing for electricity bills, water supply, Dstv and many other mobile transfers online on daily basis.

How do I do it?

Save the #Sosholoza number 077 7 222 333 to your phone

Send a ‘hi" to the number

You will be given a list of preferences on what you can do on the platform

Click the number of your choice and begin to bank with your Whatsapp

The Sosholoza Platform is universal that is to say, you do not necessarily have to be an account holder with Steward Bank so that you can access these above facilities. Transactions can be done from wallet to any bank and any bank to any wallet.



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