'Cheating' EcoSure caught pants down, refund customers

By Staff writer | 04 Mar 2019 at 13:12hrs
A number of subscribers woke up to find that their EcoCash mobile wallets were a dollar short after they had been registered for EcoSure without their consent. This came as a surprise but EcoSure has clarified that the affected subscribers are part of a FREE EcoSure cover promotion and have already been refunded.

Most Zimbabweans were in panic and shock when they received this message over the weekend

You have successfully paid RTGS$1.00 to ECOSURE PREMIUM (79281) Merchant. Txn ID SP190302.0833.D708xx. New wallet balance is RTGS $x.00

To those who were lucky to have nothing in their accounts well they had this rather kind reminder

Your initial premium payment of $1.00 failed. The premium should be paid by 29-Feb-20 to complete your EcoSure Lite registration

However all hell broke lose when most people found out that their small savings were just withdrawn against a payment they never requested

EcoSure sent out the update on their Twitter page:

    Dear Valued Customers

    We sincerely apologise for the EcoSure deductions that were erroneously made from some EcoCash customers.

    The affected customers were part of the FREE Cover promotion and refunds have already been processed.



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