Huawei ban could set Europe's 5G networks back 2 years - Vodafone CEO

By Staff reporter | 26 Feb 2019 at 20:27hrs
Nick Read
Speaking at MWC 2019, Vodafone CEO Nick Read said that blocking the use of Huawei infrastructure would be "hugely disruptive" to the rollout of 5G in Europe.

CNBC reports that according to Read, banning Huawei would leave just two main players in the European space – Nokia and Ericsson.
"If we concentrate it down to two players I think that's an unhealthy position not just for us as an industry, but also for national infrastructure in the country," said Read.

Read added that it would be incredibly costly for operators and customers if companies were made to swap their Huawei equipment out for alternatives.

According to Read, this would delay European 5G rollout by as much as two years.

"It structurally disadvantages Europe," he said, adding that "of course the US don't have that problem because they don't put Huawei equipment in".

The US has taken an anti-Huawei stance of late, claiming that the implementation of the Chinese company's technology poses a national security threat.

It said that any Western nation that allows Huawei equipment to be used in critical networks will face US countermeasures.



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