Killer Zivhu launches #MyNationFirst drive

By Staff reporter | 11 Feb 2019 at 15:04hrs
A campaign for Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora to love their country and put it first has unrolled.

Hash-tagged #MyNationFirst, Me Second, the drive will first stop in the United Kingdom before coming to South Africa and other countries where Zimbabweans are dotted.

#My Nation First, Me Second is a brainchild of the Killer Zivhu Foundation with the aim of addressing issues from various spectrums including politics, church, sports and work among others.

"We have decided to start with the people in the diaspora so that they learn to love their country.

"If a person gets to love his or her country then we all can work together for the common good of the country.

"One person should stand for all wherever in the world and we should all stand for that person wherever he or she is hence a further extension of the hashtag, #one for all, all for one," said Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu who is the brains behind the Killer Zivhu Foundation.

He said in the coming few weeks he will be leading a delegation to the UK to promote #My Nation First, Me Second mantra.

"I have managed to talk to even some opposition Members of Parliament and they surely agree that the mind-sets of people had to be changed for the country's growth.

"Whatever happens in our country affects all; even those in the diaspora so we must ensure that we transform our mindset and focus on what good could be done for the nation to develop and prosper.

"We need to engage those in the diaspora to love their nation and if people speak with one voice in loving their country then all will be well.

"Those in the diaspora have great influence to their relatives back home and this will work towards the common good," Zivhu said.

Zivhu said if those in the diaspora are schooled on the effects of sanctions they will see that they affect the ordinary citizen more.

"If the people in the diaspora speak with one voice on the removal of sanctions then it would be good for all citizens.

"The ordinary people are affected more and the more the people in the diaspora ask for sanctions, the more suffering for the ordinary people.

"People in the diaspora should speak with one voice towards removal of the sanctions so that our growth is not stifled," Zivhu said.

He said as peace loving Zimbabweans, dialogue can move the country forward.

"ED (President Mnangagwa) has an open door policy; knock on the doors with your ideas and he is a listening leader.

"Violence leaves things destroyed and rebuilding costs a nation another fortune. We should love one another so that we desist from violent acts.

"We should shun individualism and pursue common nation interests. Think at national level and it will benefit generations to come.

"Churches, MPs, councils, civic organisations and individuals we need to this campaign everywhere.

"We need to pray for the nation," Zivhu said.

He said war veterans showed love and not selflessness when they fought for their country and it should be the same with every Zimbabwean to love their country and fight against sanctions.

"Everyone wants a better life but it begins with our own mind set. Let's love our country," Zivhu said.

The #My Nation First, Me Second mantra, Zivhu said, will be promoted via regalia in shirts, t-shirts and caps that appeal across political and religious divides.

He said there will be mugs, vehicle stickers, pens, plastic and paper bags in promoting the campaign.

"Being in Zimbabwe is our birth right and this is where we belong even though we can settle in other countries. One can never have a true sense of belonging in a foreign country and this is where our loyalty should lie.

"The dream of the nation for everybody; personal dreams suffocate the country and do not benefit the country in any way," Zivhu said.



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