Apple cracks down on iPhone apps that secretly record your screen

By Staff writer | 08 Feb 2019 at 09:17hrs
Apple has told developers to request consent from users to record their screen data or remove the offending code from their applications, TechCrunch reports.

An investigation by TechCrunch revealed that many major iOS applications including Expedia, Singapore Airlines, and secretly recorded users' screen activity without asking permission.

This was accomplished using session replay technology from Glassbox, which recorded a user's screen whenever they input information.

While these recorded screenshots supposedly black out sensitive information such as credit card numbers or addresses, App Analyst found that some applications did not properly mask personal data.

Smartphone apps can contain a variety of malicious code which can collect personal information or unknowingly subscribe users to premium content services.

Mobile technology company Upstream recently found that a popular weather forecast application on Alcatel devices was subscribing users to WASPs in the background.



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