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  • WiFi range extender questions

    I have an ASUS DSL AC52U dual band WiFi router. It is set up at one end of the house where the Telkom landline comes in to the house. There are 3 PC’s in the house, two connected wirelessly and one with a cable.

    I have bought a new WiFi enabled printer but the only place that is practical to set it up is in a spare room on the other end of the house from the router. The signal at the printer is very weak and intermittent. Moving the printer closer to the router resolves the issues, so it is definitely a weak signal issue.

    So, I am considering the option of a WiFi range extender to boost the signal to the printer. I am worried about how this might affect the rest of the WiFi signal though. For example, the 3 PC’s are often used for online gaming where ping/lag is always an issue. Will this make it worse, or not affect it at all? I suppose I could just turn the range extender on when we need to print, keeping it off most of the time.

    I am looking at an ASUS dual band extender RP-AC52 that simply plugs into the wall for around R750. I really don’t want to spend more than that. Or could I get a single (2,4) band extender for this purpose, which is probably a bit cheaper?

    Another question on this:does the range extender create a new network? So the PC’s will be connected to one network and the printer to another. I think this would be a problem?