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Nine logic that AJM will rise



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  • Nine logic that AJM will rise

    Nine logic that AJM will rise
    Since the launch of AJM, with its unique financial logic concept, efficient community team building and perfect promotion channels, it has been highly recommended by many blockchain enthusiasts and the price of AJM has been rising. Behind such a scene, it is inevitable that some people will doubt why AJM can go in the long run. Editor believes that all the successes in this world got some reason. There must be a set of rigorous logic support behind AJM's popularity. Let us analyze it today.
    [IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CADMINI~1%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Ck sohtml5184%5Cwps40.png[/IMG]
    Logic one
    The underlying structure of the entire system consists of a resonant V-pool and a trust stamp network. The resonant V-pool has an inverted triangular structure, and the exchange rate of AJM converted to BTC will decrease as time passing by. For example, if the current exchange rate of BTC to AJM is 1:35490, then AJM's current price is about 0.298 US dollars.This passive wealth effect will attract more BTC into the resonance V pool to convert to AJM. This is a great subversion and innovative attempt to the credit currency issuance system and return to the tradition of the gold standard currency. The final result is that wealth flows to the owners of AJM.
    Logic two
    In 2019, the price of BTC continued to rise, far exceeding gold. In the AJM ecosystem, the BTC flowing into the resonant V pool do not eventually flow into the pockets of the project party as normal ICO project but distributed to the winners of trust stamp fission and lucky ones who build the service of the light master nodes. The design of rewards greatly stimulated the market fission, resulting in the AID-activated AJM yield lock position and the AJM user's coin demand showing an explosive growth.
    Logic three
    Reasonable handling of the excessive issuance. The so-called excessive issuance is the number of AJM issued exceed the AID activated of locked position.
    According to the white paper, every blockchain week block 10080 issue 50.4 million new coin. Suppose a total of 50.4 million AJM is issued as a block new currency at the current stage, but only 3500 AJM is used to create the AID in the previous stage,then the extra 1540 AJM will flow into the resonant V pool. Stimulating the inflow of Bitcoin, which in turn stimulates the fission of the stamp network and stimulates the price rise of AJM. As the excessive issuance flowing into the resonance v pool is not circulating on market,so it is could not be calculated as circulation quantity. The result is stimulating Bitcoin inflow and stamp network fission, which perfectly solves the inflation problem. From the price formula, it brings in new admission funds.In the long run, it is conducive to a stable currency and long-term bullishness.
    Logic four
    To build a super master node, you need to lock 10,000 AJM. To build a light master node, you need to lock 1000AJM. This part of AJM is equivalent to temporarily withdrawing from the circulation link, which reduces the AJM circulation and is conducive to the stability of the currency.
    Logic five
    With the fission of the trust stamp network and the quick increasing of AJM users ,it will catalyze the prosperity of the AVD advertising industry.OTC trading and trading on chain will be surging and lead to the value discovery of the stamp trust network. The bidding system design of AVD advertising ensures that the revenue of the super master node is rising and the active trading makes the super master node and trust stamp network benefit, which further stimulates the construction of super master node and the fission of the trust stamp network.
    Logic six
    Developed on the basis of AJM main network, DAPP uses AVD advertising space to lock the traffic entrance of large number of accurate customers. AJM acts as a payment medium to participate in a large number of merchandise trading and circulation of virtual goods, further bringing in the inflow of new funds.
    [IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CADMINI~1%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Ck sohtml5184%5Cwps41.png[/IMG]
    Logic seven
    Each season, the trust stamp network fission TOP10 has the function of one-click opening OTC trading. AJM is widely used and kept as a medium for the exchange of legal currency. The circulation on the market will drastically reduced and the price of AJM will rising fast.
    Logic eight
    AJM's ultimate ecology goal is to build a global digital bank. AJM will be built into the most influential financial medium for the exchange of legal currency transactions in the world and then it will be widely used.Further more,it will expand capital inflows.
    Logic nine
    The hidden social function in the AJM ecology application also increase the number of AIDs. We learned from the white paper that AID is the only condition required to use AJM for hidden chat. After the user creates the AID, AJM hidden chat function will be open automatically. Each user can create multiple AIDs. The contact lists of multiple AIDs will not be synchronized. Users can switch AIDs to have secret conversations in different social circles. We know that every time you create an AID, 500 AJM will flow into the AJM system, which invisibly helps the AJM price increasing.
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